Aug 3, Katy and Gabe: Married

When Katy e-mailed me back in February about photographing her wedding, I felt very honored. It is a great feeling that will never go away when someone asks you to photograph their wedding. That’s alot of trust to put into someone!
Katy and Gabe planned to get married at the Cooper River Boathouse. It is a place I had not heard about before despite growing up in the general neck of the woods. We met once to just meet and then met again for a walk around in search of places to photograph/ mini shoot with Katy, her fiance, and his two adorable girls. Scoping out photographs before the day of the wedding is actually pretty cool. Both Katy and I had a clear understanding of how the day would flow with the photographing. It definitely helped the day of, everything went pretty quickly. We knew exactly where to go and each spot was within a short walking distance.
The day turned out to be a beautiful one. A quick thunderstorm later in the evening threw a tiny wrench into the works, but Katy was happy, and as long as she was happy, I was.
Katy and Gabe are a wonderful couple. The day was filled with laughter and for them, and their family and friends, it was filled with plenty love too.
Gabe is the father of two gorgeous and incredibly sweet young ladies. During the Ceremony, Katy included a touching moment where she placed necklaces around each girls’ neck as a sign of her devotion and love to them. If you are a wedding photographer and can say you’ve never teared up during these deeply loving moments, you’re lying! I certainly held back some tears of joy as I photographed this emotional scene.
But once the “I Dos” were said and the rings placed on the correct fingers, the party began and so did Katy and Gabe’s new chapter of their lives.
Thank you again, Katy and Gabe, for picking me to photograph your day. It was one I won’t forget and I hope my photographs will help you to always remember!

Seeing each other for the first time that day!

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Smithville Mansion Family Portrait Session

Here are the first round of photographs!
I took these a few months ago at the Smithville Mansion in Easthampton. I had no idea this beautiful place existed until I had the pleasure of photographing the T Family. Apparently everyone else knew about it because we encountered several other photo shoots going on around the Mansion grounds. No big deal though, we never really got in each others way! The grounds are big enough and filled with beautiful spots for everyone to share!
It was a great time and it ended up being a gorgeous day for a family shoot. I am very grateful that the T Family choose me to photograph them!

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I’m still here!

I have not been ignoring my blog for any reasons other than being a busy bee. I had been planning my wedding, working two jobs, and experiencing every day life. Now that my wedding has happened and the craziness is somewhat beginning to settle, I have the time to do a serious update to my blog. I have several photo shoots to write about and display the work from them. My wedding and my other jobs consumed my life at every second of the day. I can now say that I feel for every bride I photograph from here on out. Not that I did not believe weddings to be stressful, I just could not believe the amount of stress that came down on me during the last month leading up to my big day. I was also a big DIY bride, which adds alot of pressure for completing the projects on time. Just an example, my husband(hehe I still giggle at the fact that he is now my husband, and I love it!!) and I built our centerpieces. About a solid week of work went into them and on some days friends came to our rescue and worked many long hours with us. I am forever grateful to them for this.
But I am getting off track really. If you’d like to see photographs from my wedding you may find them on Kamila Harris’s Blog. That’s right, my long time photo guru photographed my wedding and it was a dream come true. We had an amazing time and it was so much fun running around taking photographs. Kamila, of course, did a fantastic job. I have a great friend in her and she will always be the best teacher.

As I said, I have several shoots to write about and display the work. A non-profit organization shoot, family shoot, engagement party shoot, and an engagement shoot, so much!! Plus, once more I worked with the very talented Jennifer Childress, and once more, it was a wonderfully thrilling experience!!
Check back here soon to read and see my most recent work!

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Teaser Shot From Smithville Mansion Family Shoot

The world was made better by bubbles.

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The Holidays are complete, now time to look back at Nov. 25, 2011

Phew. The Holidays have been exhausting this year! So much running around was being done, so much exchanging of gifts, and creating memories(the most important part of the holidays!). Now the dust is beginning to settle and schedules start to flow back into their normal routines. Well, as normal as they can for this photographer planning her wedding. But this post isn’t about my wedding plans(which I prefer to keep quiet till it’s all said and done, sorry….) This post is about two very fun, very in love individuals who wed on November 25. There was no Black Friday shopping, just Black Friday Partying.
The day began around 11 am, and since I was also a guest at the wedding being that I am one of Marla and Rob’s favorite friends(;)) It was a bit of a long day for this photographing fiend. Of course it was all worth it and I would not have had this day any other way. I loved being able to photograph and capture the moments of Rob and Marla’s wedding day so that they may forever look back and think of me… I mean, oops, think of how beautiful their wedding day was. I hope that I captured moments either missed by their eyes or forgotten over the course of a crazy night, but remembered by a photograph. Isn’t that what wedding photography is all about?
Marla looked stunning in her dress, a goddess like Amazon, since she is so tall and I am so very small. She was radiant in her dress. I remember having tears come to my eyes when she was finally made up and dawned her wedding gown. Wedding photographers sometimes do get emotional at weddings, to tell you the truth, but even more so when it is friend, especially such a good one. Marla’s bride’s maids, junior bride’s maids, and her flower girls were all beautiful. But I cannot forgot Rob and his groom’s men, they were most certainly a handsome bunch. And I am no where near being bias since one groom’s men is particularly special to me(hint: he’s my fiance).
From the moment Rob and Marla announced their engagement, I knew that this would be a fun filled day. When they came to me asking if I would be willing to photograph their wedding day, how could I resist two good looking folks such as themselves? It felt like an honor to photograph their day and that they trusted me enough to do a great job. We may be friends, but I knew and Rob and Marla felt, I would make sure their wedding photographs were perfect. I would want nothing more than to make them so very happy.
It was a wonderful wedding. It was extremely fun and unforgettable. I am grateful that they asked me to photograph their wedding. Congratulations Marla and Rob! Now here are the finished products minus a few sets of 100.

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A few teasers for upcoming post on Black Friday Wedding!

Just so it doesn’t appear that I have completely dropped off the face of the Earth, I figured I would post a few teaser shots of my most recent wedding. I am very lucky to have had the opportunity to photograph Marla and Rob’s wedding this past Friday(Black Friday! No midnight shopping was done by myself!) They were super lucky with the amazing weather we experienced all weekend long. The sun shining and the warm breezes only added to the blissful vibe of a great wedding day.
Marla and Rob were married at the beautiful historic Smithville Inn. I will be posting more details about the day in another post. But enjoy the few shots I have to wet your appetite!

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Engagement Photos and Trash the Dress

Hello, hello!
This past weekend required my creative juices to be flowing freely. Luckily I had such great people to work with, so it wasn’t an issue. I set up a Trash the Dress in Philly with a friend of mine, you may recognize her from previous photos. She is so much fun to work with and when I asked her why she seems to know what to do in front of the lens she told me “I watched alot of America’s Next Top Model”. Smile with your eyes, girl. And then an Engagement session in New Jersey, with a couple who were so natural in front of the camera, it was amazing. As I mentioned in my previous post, Mad Dog was to make an appearance at this session. He kindly brought his face into a few photos in the form of Peaches and Cream. If you happen to be confused about the Mad Dog, it is an inside joke between the couple and their friends.
It added a comedic vibe to the photos where Mad Dog was included.
I loved this past weekend. I wished once both photoshoots were done that every weekend could be filled up like this. I’ll just keep sending positivity out into the world and hopefully it will come back in the form of more photo opportunities!
This post will be loaded with images, so get ready!
First up, Trash the Dress around Philadelphia! Good times! Lots of people staring! So many places to photograph!

Now for the Engagement Session with Marla and Rob! Get your paper bags ready for some Mad Dog!

This photo above was fun because I had to superimpose the M.W. and R.W. onto the tree so it looked like Rob and Marla did it.

Thank you to Migdalia, Rob, and Marla for being such good sports this weekend.

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