Light Sphere

For some reason the week back from Colorado has been crazy. Where did the time go and did anything get done? I cleaned a huge chunk of my closet out of clothes I will never wear again. It feels good to give away these articles and make room for more(haha, I kid…kinda…). I just have too many pieces of unused clothing sitting in my dresser and closet and now we must bid adieu.
Yesterday I assisted the great Cindy Patrick( She is such a sweet person and this is the second time I have assisted her. The couple was great, really friendly and enthusiastic about food, very cute. We walked around Olde City and had a cool reception at F.U.E.L. I discovered a must need for my camera equipiement; Cindy uses these awesome Light Spheres, Gary Fong Flash Diffusers. I bought one. I loved the way the lighting looked. Right now my 430 EX is diffused by something much smaller, but after using the Light Sphere, I am hooked! The other reason I want this for my flash is I see alot of celebrity wedding photographers have this contraption strapped to their flashes and use it directly on the subject. I wouldn’t normally do that with my diffuser now, but this Sphere helps spread the light so softly and evenly that it works nicely outside and directly on the person I am shooting. So, $40 dollars later, by Wednesday I should have this lovely thing that looks like the bottom of a frosted Sports cup. I am really excited. I am really thankful to Cindy for asking me to come along and letting me play with ideas and the lighting tools. So righteous.
The funny part about the wedding yesterday, is that back in April my senior class had our photography show at F.U.E.L, so there was a sense of irony to be back there.

My boyfriend and I took a hike today through some woods and all we did is complain the entire way. It isn’t Colorado. There is no Mountain Fresh Air. No high altitude to slow us down or steep hills to climb. It’s just flat New Jersey. Boring. Colorado seems like just a dream with a great memory attached to it. The week there went by mildly slow, but now that I look back at it, things went too fast. I have to sit down and edit some family photos we took during our stay and find a place to get them printed. But till then I will just look over photos from Colorado every day and dream about what a wonderful feeling I left there with….

Colorado at 6:15 AM

Colorado at 6:15 AM


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