Pricing:website under construction

I am working at getting my pricing together. In the next couple of days(I hope) I will be setting up a new pricing and contact page. It will hopefully link to my blog where I will have a page dedicated to prices.
Right now the one I am most excited about is offering boudoir/pin-up/totally fashiony shoots! My very talented friend, Sam, will be my make-up artists for most of these shoots(depending on her being free at the time) She is really amazing when it comes to make up and creativity. I want to take boudoir type photos above and beyond, and Sam is definitely the make-up artist to help. She and I have been talking about this for a while. We have been thinking about doing shoots involving feathers on eyes, zipper-lined lips, glass pieces glued to faces, and much much more. We want everyone to feel just as creative as we do during a shoot. But don’t think it all has to be crazy make-up, it can be simplistic red lips and black lined eyes as well. She and I are just looking to mix things up a bit. For the girls who love to be entirely out of the box, Sam is definitely there with her ideas.
So I am super excited!!
I am going to be adding more info later about pricing, but I just wanted to share about Sam and let everyone know how the anticipation is growing for me to get things on the road and movin’!


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