The bestest friend

My photos
My photos

My photosThese are photos of my very good friend Christy’s horse. His name is Doc and he is a beauty. As wonderful as he is and as much as she loves him, sadly she is trying to sell him to a person who will love him just as much as her and give him the workout he deserves. She asked me to take some photos of him and of course I can never deny getting to hang out with horses. I’ve loved horses since I was 3 and I used to tell people I was a horse(no lie, my mom will confirm this…) I’ve read books and done research papers on horses. I am really thankful that in my adult years I have become great friends with some awesome chicks who love(probably more than me!) and have horses and are willing to put up with my funny obsession. These are just a few photos I took of this gorgeous horse for your viewing pleasure!


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