Lindsey’s awesome thank you!

Yesterday I received a UPS package and had no idea where it came from and why it was addressed to me. I opened to find a B&H Photo package with a gift card attached to it. I was confused. I thought “Wow! I’ve spent sooo much money at B&H they sent me a gift card for like 10 bucks!” I reread the gift card, it wasn’t for 10, it was for more. I thought there had been a mistake. Then a note fell out with a huge “THANK YOU!” printed across the top. Lindsey had sent me a gift card to the great photography toy store in New York as a thank you for photographing her Trash The Dress. What a thank you! I was so overjoyed by this gesture, it was entirely unnecessary but amazing and sweet all the same. My photosAnd now some more photos of Lindsey!!

My photos

My photos

My photos


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