This is an entirely random post. After two weekends of non-stop moving, plus a week of running around like a I’m SpeedRacer, I am so tired. Friday was a party, Saturday was a party, and yesterday I had my first riding lesson with a friend of mine and this morning I am feeling it like you wouldn’t believe. From the shoulders all the way down past my knees, riding a horse makes you feel like you did an hour of heavy lifting at the gym. But there is something much more relaxing about riding than lifting at the gym. It’s like getting a good yoga session in, but sadly the repercussions of that aren’t loose muscles, but tight ones, aching from constant pressure. How do my horse friends do it every day for hours????
I really just want to sleep all day today, but alas I must go to my job tonight and then I can come home and crash. My biggest fears of physical exhaustion are getting sick. I don’t like getting sick like pretty much everyone else doesn’t like to either. The boyfriend just recently recovered from a gross cold. A friend of mine has contracted the evil “swing flu” aka just a bad case of the flu…. Although I haven’t seen her since she got sick or was around her close to the time she did get sick…I still worry. The last time I got severely ill I was helpless. =\ Soooo keep your germs to yourself people!


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