Visit to Florida

Last Thursday morning the significant other and I got up very early(3am kinda early) to catch a plane to Florida. It was a very early flight and we were two very groggy travelers that early in the AM. We were flying out of Atlantic City, something I’d never done before. Apparently it is a secret airport that not many know about judging by the small amount of weary travelers. Or perhaps traveling at 6 in the morning is the way to go whenever you are going to a destination via plane. Who knew?
It was a very chilly morning and rolling our suitecases from parking lot to terminal was a bit nippy and rushed. Checking in and getting through security was a breeze. We settled ourselves down for a bagel breakfast and a mimosa. Well, I had the mimosa and the siggy-other had a shot and bloody mary to ease his fear of flying. A large sum of money later and we were boarding, on our way to a much warmer climate.
I really enjoyed Fort Meyers, FL the first time I went about two years ago. This is where my significant other’s dad and stepmom reside in a cute little community. I was excited to visit this time especially right before the holiday crazy travel. Dad and stepmom were also glad to have us. Everyone wins!
We had very little time to recover from plane to plans and before we knew it Tuesday came and we were flying back home on a(thank goodness) slightly later in the morning flight back to 25 inches of snow covered New Jersey. We were lucky to have missed the blizzard by two days and unlucky to come back to it.
From botanical gardens to everglades, to drinks on a roof to quite, family oriented and prepared meals. We saw Avatar on a rainy Friday and took a boat ride to a bar with walls decorated in peoples’ dollar bills. I think this was a successful trip.
Now, after that introduction, I am going to give you a treat of some photos I took.

Botanical Garden of Naples

I forget what these are...

Uploading seems to desaturate my photos.

I could live here, easily.

Botanical Gardens, reminds me of Stonehendge, a lil.

A lily in the dark pools at the Gardens

Better view of pools with lily pads

Reflections of the sky, I love

A series of patterns and colors

It's a zebra, but a plant, but a zebra....

It reminds me of blown glass

A great view, kinda wish it was my backyard

Butterflies are amazing, and this photo is very desaturated, thanks internet uploading...

Insert own fun comment here

What happens when you let your basketball net go unused for a long time

Looks like it would tickle.

One way to stop a shopaholic

And one way to break a shoe lover's heart

The alligators and me became good friends

The birds didn't mind my company either

Catching a fish seems pretty easy when I watch this dude

Doing it black and white style

Could you imagine if you had an itch, all you had to do was twist your neck around?

Mating plumage

Hi Steve!

I hope you enjoyed these photographs! There are quite a few so I hope you didn’t get bored. There are alot more which will be debuting on my website. And no, that alligator shot was not taken with my telephoto lens, I really was only 4 feet away from him. The gators were very unthreatening if they were 5 ft or smaller. Those bigger guys are the ones you want to stay away from, but they pretty much stay away from you.
I miss Florida and I’ve only been home a bit over 24 hours….


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