New Years Eve Wedding

This past Thursday I assisted Kamila Harris at a particularly special wedding. This is mostly due to the fact that it was on New Years Eve, but I had also met the couple previously while assisting Kamila at their engagement shoot in Philly. This doesn’t happen often, but it was nice since this way I had some previous knowledge of them. I think when we did the engagement shoot it was last January and freezing! Imagine running around Philly in today’s bitter weather. Eek! Luckily most of Kristin and Drew’s wedding was inside.
The day started with some snow that gave the impression of a blizzard, but lightened up and completely disappeared as the day went on. I can only imagine how Kristin felt waking up on her wedding day to thick flurries falling! She didn’t have to worry for very long. It warmed up a bit and any snow in the clouds turned to rain, which isn’t better, but at least no one has to worry about driving in lots of snow especially on a night like New Years Eve.
We started around 2 and were hired until 1 am. The day went by exceptionally fast, we were counting down to midnight in no time! The wedding guests stood on the dance floor hugging and kissing at midnight and I stood off to the side texting my significant other a happy new year. I stared at the scene and was reminded of Love, Actually. It starts in an airport where families are waiting for loved ones to exit their planes from traveling where ever they were or coming to visit after a long period of absence. I saw some tears, but everyone appeared to be filling up and spilling over with love for the newly weds and each other. “Love, actually, is all around.” At that moment I felt filled with hope at the new year, a new decade. I also wondered where the year had gone as well as the decade. In 2000 I was beginning middle school. I was 13. Now I am a college graduate and 23. Time has made no exception to slow. I can prove this because the holidays have now come and gone in the blink of an eye.  Realizing this, I resolve that in this new year, new decade, that I try to make the most out of every minute of the day. I will try not to let the little things keep me down and see to it that my future is bright. I won’t ramble on about the many emotions I have lately, but I will say that I have learned that I have to make a difference. It is time to really take the bull by its horns and show him who’s boss. No more lame attempts. And yes, this is a lot to have realized in a moment chiming in at midnight on January 1, 2010, but I’ve been thinking for so long. It is time this caterpillar came out of her cocoon.
That said, I am glad to have been able to be apart of Kristin and Drew’s wedding day and capture moments for them to remember all their lives. Perhaps this decade will go by slower and steadier. For their sakes, for mine, and yours.
The future looks so good right now as long as I shape it that way.


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