A lil late, but Nov. 27, 2009 wedding

I know it has taken me some time to post about this wedding, but at one of my jobs it is crazy during the holidays and I was preparing for a trip to Florida, so I had very little time to post. But here it goes!

This wedding was held on Nov. 27 aka Black Friday. Now I don’t know if you are crazy like me, but I was up at 3 am heading to Kohls, which opened at 4 am to get some good deals. This may not be your cup of tea, but it is tradition in my family and I wouldn’t miss it! Needless to say we ran around from 4 am to about 9 am to various locations and then I packed up my stuff and headed to Carmela and Dave’s wedding in PA. This was a wedding I was assisting with Kamila Harris and not only was I assisting, but I would be setting up her amazing Photo Station. I like the Photo Station. For me it feels natural to have a backdrop and a strobe light(probably because that is my favorite way to light a subject…). The photo station went well; Carmela had a prepared box of nic-nacs for people to play with while getting their picture done. She had made some fake mustaches, some Mardi Gras type beads, and a few picture frames. This added to the assortment brought by Kamila of boas, beads, masks, and more. There is no doubt these photos turned out hilarious and the guests of Carmela and Dave’s wedding shall remember(or try to forget) those few minutes posing in some crazy regalia on a damask backdrop.
Carmela and her ladies got ready in a cute little Bed and Breakfast type place. We found out later that this little B&B had a spa section with beautiful wooded floors, a giant jacuzzi, and a indoor pond with coy! I was impressed.
The wedding went well and I really enjoyed the kindness shown to Kamila and myself by the host of the reception hall. It is very rare, but always greatly appreciated. I got home around 1:30 am. I thought about staying up a full 24 hours, but figured, probably a bad idea. I instantly went to sleep. From 3 am to 1:30 am….It was actually pretty amazing, especially since I was working off of only 2 hours of sleep. But I am glad I could stay alert and focused throughout Carmela and Dave’s special day.


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2 Responses to A lil late, but Nov. 27, 2009 wedding

  1. Carm says:

    This was such a great surprise today! A friend told me about this so I had to come check it out!

    Thanks for all your great work and some beautiful shots of our wedding!
    Our friends and family loved the photo station, maybe a little too much! 🙂
    You took a lot of beaufiul shots! I especially love that one of my brother-in-law and my niece!

  2. kvophoto says:

    🙂 I am glad I got to photograph your day and give you some good memories to look back on! The photo station was definitely a hit! haha! That is always so much fun. I loved your idea for the mustaches! So funny!

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