Lots of snow days!

There has been alot of snow in the area the past couple of days. I feel like I live in a different state now. Last night I went to a friend’s home for a sushi night and was only there for two hours, by the time I left there was already 4 inches of snow on the ground! Driving home was a slow and steady race. It was a bit scary, particularly when I almost slid through a stop sign into an oncoming truck and had to pull my emergency break. After that I drove 10 mph until I got home.

I hope that everyone stays safe inside their homes. Or if by chance you must travel that you take it extra slow. It’s better to be late than to never show up at all, if you know what I am saying.

Here is what our backyard currently looks like after Saturday’s snow, last night’s snow, and this morning’s wintry mix. Ugh.  Over this past weekend I was really sick and couch ridden so I couldn’t enjoy the heavy blizzard. Now I am in recovery and still can’t get enough energy to seriously go out and play in the snow, but at least I am not couch confined and feeling horrible.  Enjoy your snow day!
It’s just one of those days!


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