It’s been so long!!!

I keep meaning to sit my butt down and write a long blog about what I’ve been doing and how busy I’ve been! But of course, I’ve been so busy that time seems to slip through my fingers and I am so tired by the end of my jam packed day that sitting down and writing a blog never makes the “To Do List”.  Today I’ve had a semi busy day and tomorrow is a day off that is much needed. And I am so excited that on my day off it is going to be sunny and 85 degrees! I hope to accomplish in this blog, of many random thoughts, what has been going on in my life and my plans for my website and facebook page. So here it goes!
I have a ton of photos to post still from my Trash the Dress with Carmela which I hope to place at the end of this post along with some photos of a trip to Fairmount Park.
I’ve been working a ton at two jobs, but this is not me complaining, this is my rejoicing. I always feel that life is not fun unless you are exhausted. It’s like having the best workout of your life and feeling tired and sore at the end of it. You know you’ve accomplished so much and that you will be a stronger person for it and you want to get stronger so why not do it again, and again, and again? I’ve also been busy with birthdays with friends, visits from family, and just running around trying to complete daily errands before I feel my bed calling out to me. It is a great, lively time, and  I only hope for it to continue.
I’ve kind of let my photography fall by the wayside although I am always picking up my camera and snapping away. I’ve been dreaming up photoshoots and thinking of conning my friends into being models. But my friends are just as busy as I am and it is hard for all of us to get it together. Sometimes I find myself just daydreaming about photography ideas and wishing I could do it right then and there. Too bad that most of this happens while driving to work. Hopefully I’ll find the time and will be able to act out these awesome ideas.
I have also decided to rename my photography “company”. In the coming months I hope to have a new facebook page up and going with my new name and a new logo. Cross your fingers! I need to get back into the game and become persistent on top of everything else! A full plate is a delicious looking plate!
It’s been a very emotional past month and a half as well. Back at the beginning of March my beloved cousin passed away suddenly. It was a very eye opening moment for me and has left me pondering over many aspects of this life.  Life is short and sweet even if you live to a hundred. I was a little girl looking up at all my family members in what seems like only yesterday, but seeing them at my cousin’s funeral made me realize how much I’ve grown and how much they’ve grown for lack of a better phrase. It struck me funny and left a sadness. My cousin was only in his mid-60’s, which to me is not “old”. I will miss his enthusiastic face at family functions.
Not to keep you feeling blue, and I know you might be turned off by the somber tone of this post. I am only updating on where I’ve been! Last Wednesday my amazing boyfriend and I did one of the hardest things you’ll ever do in your life. We took his beloved 14 yr old dog to the vet to finally be at peace. It was time and it is forever difficult to say good-bye, but she was hurting in ways she hid with her amazing, strangely human, attitude. She was never the easiest dog to get along with. She was always spiteful and sneaky. But I loved her for these traits. Now I miss them and wish to deal with it again. If you have ever had to go through this with a family dog you know exactly what I mean when I say there is nothing more sorrowful than the sound of an empty house. Chips fall on the floor and there is no more instant vacuum there to suck it up. Walking down the pet aisle at the supermarket makes you tear up because you’ve stopped to stare at the dog food. You wake up thinking someone needs to go to the bathroom outside badly, but you come down stairs to only be greeted by your kitten who just turned 6 months and is now in heat(ugh.) Silence rings harder in the ears now more than ever. I miss you C.B…14 yrs old, do you know how old that is in dog years? That dog was an ancient! We always wish they could live forever…
On a much lighter note….here are some photos for you to get excited over!


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