Yesterday was a first for me. I assisted Kamila Harris at the Camden Adventure Aquarium. I never thought a wedding could be so cool, but apparently having one at the Aquarium makes your special day pretty magical and pretty original. I’m sure there are plenty of weddings held at the aquarium, but this was, like I said, a first for me.
Jen and Lou got married yesterday right by the shark tank. Their reception was in a dimly lit room with a great live action display of sharks swimming all over behind their sweetheart table. Distracting? Yes. But still a great sight to be hold while dining on your dinner, or in my case, photographing the happy couple and other odds and ends.
It definitely makes for some beautiful photographs. Especially when a shark comes right up behind the couple as you quickly snap to  grab that perfect moment.
We went into the little rounded tunnel for some photos and by the empty hippo tank. There were a few jellyfish shots that Kamila took that were very beautiful. The lighting coming from the jellyfish tank was this electric blue-green. It still boggles my mind that the bride took photos with jellyfish!
Mind you, I haven’t been to the aquarium since I was, oh, umm, 6? I am now on my way to 24 and I am somehow still mesmerized by swimming fish.
There is a perfect view of Philadelphia skyline from the aquarium and as the sun set we took the opportunity to go outside(indulge in the cooling temperature) and take some great warm toned photographs.
As Kamila said, “this is great lighting, I could stay out here forever!” The photos we took all day were beautiful, but sunset photos with a great view are classic!
And as always, I really enjoy assisting Kamila! I’m glad she keeps me around! hehe. It was a super fun new experience to be photographing at the Adventure Aquarium.
Now some photos!


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