I’ve not forgotton about my blog!

It’s a busy busy time here and I pretty much live in my car and my giant Vera Bradley bag. I’m only home to sleep and try to cook a meal or two. But hectic is fun and by next Monday I will be on a mini-vacay down south that is much needed. Only 3 more days and the next 3 will be filled with work and trying to organize myself and my boyfriend for our trip. Eep!
I have great news as well! I am an aunt for the official first time! My brother and sister in law welcomed a healthy baby girl this past Sunday in the wee hours of the morn. I also am a grandmother to 6 adorable kittens. The same morning of my niece’s birth, my amazing cat(pregnant by accident and how is still unknown to us all since she is an indoor cat….) also went into labor at 3 am. It was a crazy start that resulted in me getting bit during the first born, but anything for my baby kitty. hehe. After the first one my cat’s instincts took over and for the next 5(I still can’t believe it….) she was a pro. They are the cutest things I’ve ever seen, with their eyes still closed they look like little old men. Their baby mews melt my heart and they fit in the palm of my hand. And let me tell you, my hand is small! My cat wants me to be apart of their lives and I love it. I truly feel like a grammiekitty!
I am also training for my first half marathon and am putting alot of passion and effort into it. 5 Am never looked so good…..But I love it. The early mornings are amazing after I get up and get movin. I’ve taken yoga back up as a means to loosen tension and help muscles heal. Once more I am in love with the art of yoga and have found a fantastic teacher at my local gym.
I just wanted to give a quick update! I’m still photographing, I’m just running around literally and figuratively! Photos of our trip will be posted by the end of next week. I still haven’t posted Alaska, but I’ll get there!
Till next time!(and hopefully not almost 2 months later….)


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One Response to I’ve not forgotton about my blog!

  1. Verge says:

    the kitties are in good hands, I assure you. have fun in Flow Ride Ah

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