Surprise! Florida Visity story

As mentioned in my previous blog I will try my hardest to update before the 2 month mark and here I am day one back from my mini-vacation and I am sitting down during a quiet morning at home to write about our trip and the great purpose behind it.
My boyfriend’s stepmother recently kicked some cancer butt and this past Sunday was her birthday. No numbers will be provided as it is rude to tell a woman’s age. hehe. But bf’s father arranged a nice sized party in her honor. We were to be the surprise on top of the surprise. The party was unexpected with friends, but family?! Of course we shouldn’t “really” be there. Little did bf, his sister, brother in law, and I know that another part of the family was planning their own surprise. We expected to be the only cause of happy tears.
So on Monday we flew down without stepmom knowing and spent a day and a half at the beach hanging out, being crazy, digging trenches to reconnect distant little ponds formed on the beach back to the ocean, and waiting for our big reveal. We didn’t have to wait long since we were down there by Monday and the party was planned for Tuesday. We’d set sail across the marina at sunset and out into the ocean for a 3 hour tour and some great memory makin’.
Well time came and we headed to the “compound” as the four of us like to call it. We thought about how long it would take stepmom to stop the tears or realize it really was us standing there. We left with what we thought was enough time, but as it seems to be Florida’s rain season during the month of August, the thunderstorm that rolled in around the time of our travels slowed us down a teeny bit. The boyfriend’s lack of navigation skills wasn’t helpful either. But we made it with time to spare!
Then we were surprised.
As we pulled up to the Marina restaurant parking lot there was a “I spot land!” moment as if we hadn’t seen it for days. Bf’s sister went, “is that my uncle?!” “Is that him?!” As we slowed down a group stood walking up toward the restaurant, but had turned to see our car pulling in. Bf’s sister jumped out of the car yelling “lemme out, lemme out!!!!” and off she went to smother those strangers with hugs. I sat in the car completely side swept by the whole thing since these are family members who live on the other side of the US and I’ve only heard of. Next the BF jumped out of the car as well as the niece and nephew. I got out and watched everyone hug and chatter with excitement at the unexpected visit. By the end of it, I learned that there were  uncles and aunts that haven’t been seen in a few years and had told us they were not coming to the surprise party. Now here they were ready to floor everyone. Especially bf’s stepmom and dad. The surpriser gets surprised!
When stepmom came all she saw were her friends there to surprise her. Then the uncles and aunts came out of hiding. I’ll never forget the look on both my boyfriend’s dad and stepmother when they revealed they had actually come. The look of shock and happiness is priceless. The tears of joy warm all on-lookers hearts. That’s when the niece and nephew make their move and head over to their grandmother. Hands fly up to her mouth in complete disbelief. More?? Of course then here comes sister and I. The shock is overwhelming and I am just so overly happy to be apart of it. Then the boyfriend and brother in law make their appearance and that’s it. Stepmom tells me “you see someone you know, but you don’t expect them to be there, and it’s heard to realize it’s really them, but it is really them.” We are all ready to move to the boat and have a great family reunion. The food was delicious, the new family I met was so much fun. I couldn’t ask for a better time with boyfriend’s stepmother. I am glad that everyone was able to pull off her surprise party and make all the recent trials seem minuet at that moment. I also feel blessed to be apart of it and to be able to remember every precious moment. (my camera helps a bit 😉 )
Now we are home. We got back last night and pretty much crashed. It’s back to the daily grind, the rush, and apparently fall type weather. I’d like to open the windows again. I love cool breezes through the house. But I don’t want summer to disappear too quickly.
So much is coming up: races, weddings, visits, birthdays, and my niece’s christening. This fall will probably be busier than this past summer and the summer felt jampacked. Time flies when your running around!
I’ll post photos in the  next entry of our trip, just have to do some minor editing. Until next time!


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