Photo a la Floryduh

Ok here it goes with the photos!

The awesome beach by our hotel

As I mentioned in a previous blog I am training for some half marathons this fall. I’m trying my hardest to make sure I get my training in and of course being on vacay doesn’t mean there is any slacking. I decided I’d try to run on the beach Tuesday morning. Rumor has it that sand and trails are best for joints so I figured I’d give it a shot. What I forgot was perhaps running in shoes on the beach wasn’t the best of ideas. The sand started to clump up in my soles and was annoying me. I could feel it. So I took to the street that day to run. The next day, bright and early, boyfriend’s sister and I decided to try barefoot running on the beach. It’s the new thing and according to the book I’ve been reading(Born to Run by Christopher McDougall) it is the most natural and absolute best way to run in order to avoid injury and move faster. I’d say I did pretty good. We ran 3 miles on the beach. Toward the end I felt a little spunky and ran through the water at a much faster pace than we had been doing. I felt exhilarated and wild. If I hadn’t read that the first time you run barefoot you should take an easy I would have kept running fast, but a little voice in the back of my mind kept telling me to slow down or prepare for pain. I took it back down a notch and felt my ankle yelling for some relief. 3 miles is better than nothing I must say. If I could run on a beach every day barefoot, I would. I highly recommend trying. I’d love to find trails around my home that were safe enough for me to take off galloping on my own feet. But alas the woods around here probably are filled with misfits I’d rather not tangle with by myself. So I’ll keep to my silly running shoes on the streets and search out new neighborhoods to keep my mind occupied.

Sunset and pools of water

I knew those beach buckets were useful for more than just sand!

Big eyes!

The other family surprised all of us!

Go Florida!

Flash and swirls of glowsticks

The last time Jan and cake met there was a HUGE mess!

Sweet moment

Poppop pays off the kids who come armed with cucumbers. Ick!


Men are no different than children.....

Surf's up Spacoly!

Forever great memories!


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2 Responses to Photo a la Floryduh

  1. Verge says:

    hey, let me borrow the full book when you get a chance. I’ve read excerpts. I even went to REI to track down the five fingers shoe socks, but they didn’t have them in stock.

    • kvophoto says:

      No problem. Its an amazing read. I’ve got a bit more to it. The Gorilla shoes I’ve read mixed reviews. They’re expensive, but they look sweet. Running on the beach barefoot was probably the coolest thing I’ve done running so far, but my ankles really took a beating, but my knees faired much better than running shoes on asphalt.

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