Wedding Sept. 5, 2010

This past Sunday I assisted my longtime wedding photographer guru, Kamila Harris. This wedding took place at the Phoenixville Foundry, a very industrial, chill place. As you can see, judging by the bridge in the photo featured above, you can get an idea on how beautiful the outside area was around the building.
I started off at a hotel room with the groom and groomsmen to capture some candids. They were all gentlemen and looked very dashing in their wedding getup. From the hotel we traveled over to their home for an opportunity for the bride and groom to see each other before the ceremony. Personally I really like this idea. I find it helps take away some jitters and gives the bride and groom a moment to each other before the storm of guests overwhelms them. I also think it is sweet how Kamila has the bride walk up behind the groom and tap him on the shoulder to turn around. What man isn’t thrilled to pieces when he sees his wife standing there in her most glamorous. I loved the bride’s boutique. Forget the straight boutique! It was very different from many others I’ve seen; these long branches were cascading down from it’s center with orchids here and there. Really artsy.
It was a different sort of ceremony in the sense that the seats were positioned in a circle around a center where the bride and groom would say their vows. The circle caused for a very intimate setting and little speeches from various family members about lasting marriage help set the tone.
It was a very sweet wedding and I am very appreciative that the bride sat Kamila and myself at a guest table. (we had our very own place cards!!!!!!) The food was delicious and the band that played was incredible. I found out from the head band member that his wife has my same name and what do ya know, she sang Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance. Of course I had to tell her how great she did when she walked past me toward the end of the night. She really did a wonderful job singing those “ooo lala, gagas”. The guests were getting down and jiggy with it as the band played on through the night.
Congrats to MiMi and Brian!

And of course I had to take photos of the center pieces! Especially when they are so funky with moss and branches. Really cool!


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