Megan and Jenny share their love

I’ve been trying to let the dust settle a little bit before I posted my faves of Megan and Jennifer’s wedding photos. It’s been a week and I think that’s enough time to reveal. The anticipation is killing me to show off(jus-a-bit) how beautiful these two glorious women looked on their most special day. I loved photographing every single second. I didn’t want to miss a thing and I know there will be alot to pick over, but the more options the better I say. It really was a day filled with joy and love. Megan and Jenny’s love for each other I swear shines through every photo of them together. It is the sweetest thing and I’m so thankful to them to have asked me to be there to witness their union.
I started my day at Salon Envy in Philadelphia with Jenny and her girls. Mimosas were passed and half bagels with veggie cream cheese were eaten while hair was sprayed and curled. A relaxing start to a fun filled crazy day. After Jenny had her make up done we went back to her and Megan’s apartment for a dress shot and then I drove over to the beautiful Valley Green Inn. I really love this place because it is set by a river and in the midst of Farimount Park. It has a very whimsical English afternoon tea sort of feel that makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. The always friendly Kate, hostess to the Valley Green Inn, is great to work with. She made sure I got a small nibble of a Belgian waffle with blueberries during the day and it was delicious! (P.S./Update/Edit) I totally forgot when I was writing this earlier but Kate also rescued my forgotten camera battery! I am forever grateful for her having saved it and given it a nice home in her desk until I could retrieve it. Back to praising Valley Green Inn… It is unique and I love that sort of outdoorsey setting. The outdoor patio is great because you can feel as if you are outside or if the weather is a bit chilly(as it was at my friends’ wedding back in May ’09) the heat can be turned on and keep you toasty while you celebrate a fantastic day, no worrying about cold fingers and toes!
Megan and Jenny’s ceremony occurred on the Valley Green Inn property right in front of the river. It was a very sweet ceremony, very Buddhist. The officiant’s wife rang a traditional Buddhist bell while praises of the Earth and friends and family were talked about. Then a hand and wine ceremony took place. Very different, but I loved every second of it. There was also a statement of intentions that Megan and Jenny signed followed by all the guests including me!
The day continued with bridal party photos, photos of Megan and Jenny, and then the reception. Everyone danced up a storm. It was great to watch and be apart of it all.
I felt like I wasn’t just the photographer, hired for the day to “just capture the day”. It was more than that. I felt as if I was apart of something grander and that I was there to make sure Megan and Jenny had the best memories to hold forever. My camera and I were a team, not just person and machine. I felt as if I became a friend to Megan and Jenny and I only wanted the best of everything for them. It wasn’t about the pay check; it was about witnessing two women who are madly in love with each other share that love with all those close to them and wanting me to be there as well to share with. There was a feeling of comfort and acceptance and I really cherished it. I smiled all day. I laughed with them through out the whole day and when Jennifer’s sister made her toast speech, I teared up with them. When the officiant pronounced them wife and wife, Mrs. and Mrs. Sims, I wanted to jump for joy and clap, but of course carrying a 8 pound camera doesn’t allow that, but I was doing it on the inside.
I left there feeling like I was on cloud 9. I left feeling as if I accomplished something amazing. I left knowing that I’d see them later that night at Sister’s and what a whole lotta fun that was going to be. hehe.
These two women could not be more amazing. And for that I am now going to post some photos!
But before I do, I wanted to send my ever lasting thanks out to Megan and Jenny for picking me to be there and photograph their day. It really was the best time of my life. I also want to thank them for inviting myself and my awesome boyfriend out later that night.


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