Running Frustrated

As I mentioned briefly back in my post about my race, the next day I awoke with shin pain. Well it’s been a week and a half since the race and even though the pain has tapered quite a bit, according to my run today it isn’t entirely gone either. I thought I could do it. I felt no pain when I shifted my ankle in any given direction. I could run up and down the stairs with ease. Ready to run!
As soon as I leapt into action my ankle let out a cry and I could feel myself favoring my right leg in a very unbalanced movement that both irritated me and left me feeling defeated. I walked and stretched. Try again. Nope. I walked longer. Again. Nope. The pain traveled from my ankle up the front of my calf. The tears were instant. Especially as a runner passed me. I watched her take her strides with ease and all I felt was jealous. Oh, and pain.
The pain permanently disappears as I walk but comes right back as soon as I run. I don’t know if it’s the shoes or the road. All I want to do is to take off with no issues. Let my legs fly and my mind drift away. It’s also a shame because I suddenly regret the 10k. 3 weeks before my very first half. Was it stupid? Hindsight:yes. But I before, I would have never second guessed myself I would have figured it to be a good test of myself and my training. Where did I go wrong? Was it the new shoes? Possibly stupid, but what if I had just worn them on a training run, would I still be aching? It boggles the brain.
I even went to the doctor on Monday in an attempt to rule out stress fracture. She sorta soothed my mind by saying there would be bruising and by location she believed it is just a nasty shin splint that needs to heal, so I took lotsa anti-inflammatories. I thought I knew better. I thought my body was giving me the go ahead, but I read the signals wrong. Apparently this body of mine was saying she was getting better but not perfect.
I attended my sporadic yoga class(on my behalf it’s sporadic not the teacher’s) and asked for her advice. She, as always, was sweet with her suggestions and asked me to attend class on Friday. I promised to be there and hoped for a better day. I’m hoping after tonight’s class I loosened up some of the muscle soreness. But I will be calling and taking my doctor up on her X-Ray and double checking the non-stress fracture diagnosis.
I guess the elliptical at the gym and I are going to become good friends again. I just hate that she stays inside all day and all I want to do is play outside since I’m indoors all day at work.
I have two weddings I am slacking on posting. Both were being the assistant to the awesome Kamila Harris. I’ve also had issues with space on my little MacPro, but who can blame me? I’m a photographer. I gotta alotta picchuhs.
In other news, Kaliko’s 6 kittens(well, 5, since we are keeping one) are in search of homes. One has been claimed, 2 are maybes, so that leaves 2 for grabs. Or maybe 4, who knows. All I know is that there better be a bottle of wine and a big box of tissues handy the day people start bringing them home. God knows I’m going to be the biggest mess. I love all those little furries. I can’t believe how fast 8 weeks has gone. I watched them be born. I got bit because the first one hurt so bad coming out! Of course that’s the one we are keeping too.
Gah. This on top of not being able to run? Major blues.


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