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I don’t remember, but I don’t think I did, mention that I got a bone scan to confirm my stress fracture of the tibia fibula. Well, I did. The results showed a healing stress fracture close to done. The sports doc offered physical therapy because I still had the pirate walk going with a side of soreness. Both my jobs outside of photography are very holiday oriented and considering October left without saying Bye and November stormed in as a huge reminder that Thanskgiving is only around the corner followed by the big H and C holidays in December. I’m so overloaded I don’t know what to do with myself and fitting in physical therapy seems impossible. So long story short I denied the sports doc PT. I went back this past Tuesday for a follow up. I’ve lost the pirate gimp and have only minor aches in my leg every now and then. I figured even if my stress fracture was healing…. after running on it several times and running a 10k in AC, oh and dancing like an idiot at the Gorillaz concert, and I can’t forget about weight training, and working 50 hours a week on my feet, some how my stress fracture was near done healing, I still need to give it some rest.  So when the sport doc asked how things were I told him the truth. I tried to scuttle across the street in heels only to be met by pain, I could now run up and down the stairs with ease, and I walked like a person who wasn’t wearing a peg leg. He proceeded to grab my leg anyway and I almost kicked him. Natural reaction to someone grabbing a tender area of the body. But he was perplexed. “It seems odd to me that your stress fracture is done healing but there is still tenderness in the area, not as much, but it is still localized to that particular spot.” Hm.  You got me too. But thanks to the sport doc’s grabbing my leg has been bothering me ever since. The boyfriend questioned if it were possible I had other problems unidentified by the sports doc. Like what? Here’s the list that briefly ran through my head: cancer, bone depletion, leukemia, a broken ankle not shin…. I panicked for about 15 minutes and then I thought, “why wouldn’t the doctor have mentioned it could be something else?” I’m pretty sure my bone scan and xray would have shown something else. Since they did not I am hoping that my bone is just still tender and will be back to normal by next week. I’m doing good, really good, I can squat without pain and stand on one leg without issue later. I’ve been running errands all day and my leg feels pretty loose. I stretched a bit as well. Hopefully by next week I’ll be as good as new.
The sports doc only recommended running 1/4 mile on grass or rubber track. I need to find a grassy nole that looks pleasant or a rubber track. I know of tracks but they’re all asphalt. Stupid asphalt. Why can’t all roads be converted to rubber? Eh?
I also inquired about training plus standing 50 hours a week. The sports doc said that’ll do it. Yep, too much standing and training = stress fracture. I figured. I need to learn to rest. I really do before I break something else.


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