It’s the most wonderful(and stressful) time of the year!

I cannot believe my eyes when I see that the last time I updated my blog was November 11. What’s today? December 7th? I just can’t believe that a month(almost) has passed so quickly. I still can’t believe Halloween is gone, long gone, and Thanksgiving? Well, it was super fun, but now that’s past! I celebrated Black Friday in the traditional manner of joining my brother and mother at 3:30 am. No, we had no interest and getting to Kohl’s at 3 am, we prefered Target, which opened at 4 am. Don’t call me crazy, just appreciate that I slept only 3 hours and still managed to wake up and be ready to tolerate the other crazies(yes I am the pot calling the kettle black) who arrived alot earlier at Target and Kohl’s to be the 1st, 2nd, 3rd…. in line. At least we weren’t that bad. We just marched in and strolled the aisles looking for potential gifts and good deals for ourselves. The only deal I found at Target that made my heart jump for joy was 700 thread count sheets half off. My bed is now silvery blue and soft. And you are jealous since you don’t have the pep to be up at 3:30 am in order to get those 700 thread count sheets at half off.
The mall was packed like it was 7 pm on a Friday night except it was 5 am on a Friday morning. There were teens roaming about and getting in my way when this girl had yet to have her first cup of coffee. Not only do I roll out of bed at 3:30 in the morning I also don’t eat or consume any coffee until we have made our rounds to Kohl’s and Target. Oh yes, it is a joyous occasion and tradition in this family. We tease each other to not be weak and take a nap while driving between locations and we turn our noses up at those who complain, have coffee, and full make-up on.
All in all, Thanksgiving was a success, but Black Friday proved to be too overwhelming this year with the bountiful amounts of teenagers stumbling around the mall during the wee hours of the morn. If this is what Black Friday is becoming, I think I will wait for my niece to become 2 and wants that limited toy we can only get at Toys R Us at 10 pm Thanksgiving night. Until then, we may *gasp* not due Black Friday next year.
I have been joining my brother and mother since I was 15. My sis in law began to participate not too long after dating my brother. Unfortunately the baby caused us to separate, but once she is old enough, she will be left in the hands of my father and the four of us will travel out into the dark hours of the day once more in search of that desirable no. 1 gift.
But until then…. Black Friday, if you continue the way you are going, insane openings and odd deals, as well as your increasingly strange participants, I bid adieu until I feel like coming back.  So consider what I am saying with real thought. I don’t like this crap of teenagers bumming around the mall at 5 am. Without parents too. Who does this? I went with my mom and brother, not my friends. My friends think I have a screw loose for participating on Black Friday. Go back to bed teeny heads.
I also have yet to update with Laura and Steve’s wedding which was also almost a month ago. Man, where DOES time go? All this rushing around causes the hours of my life to sneak past me. Both of my jobs require maximum effort for the holidays so my lack of posting and time keeping has something to do with this. Perhaps January 1st will be a blessing in disguise or a huge slap in the face. I would like to make a New Years Resolution to top all my previous, but I must ponder over the matter first. Currently I am on the search to return to school via the internets and that is the first step to my Resolution de Years de New.
But now that I have rambled on and on and reached a word count of 711, I will now post photos of Laura and Steve’s awesome wedding.
The End.


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