Don’t You Evah

I always sit down and begin to write a blog entry, only to be distracted about 10 minutes into writing and completely walk away. I have about 5 unfinished drafts. I have alot to write about too. I guess I just don’t know where to start, middle, and finish, so the distractions seem more welcoming than actually sitting and writing for a hour or hours. And as of right now, my ever so trusting internet is slowing and making it difficult to actually see this entry even making it to the “Save Draft” button.
I went to Castile, NY for a couple days before New Years and spent time in a heated cabin with a frig, microwave, and stove. We hiked along the  East Coast’s equivalent to the Grand Canyon. You can get an idea of what I saw, except covered in snow and ice, here
It was a fantastic sight. I was freezing at the first attempt, but on return to our cabin, I layered up. And by layered up I mean, Lululemon Wunder Unders covered by jeans, 2 layers of socks, a tank, long sleeve dri-fit shirt, racer jacket, then hoodie, then winter jacket. Oh yes, I came preeeepared. I hate the cold. It seeps into my bones and leaves me frozen till I light myself on fire with a heater. Whenever I think about how much I hate the cold I always think of a series I read as a teenager called “Song Of The Lioness”. The main character, Alanna, hated the cold so much that she rode off to the desert and when she spent any time in a place that got cold, she bitched and complained and put hot water bottles in her clothes. If only I wouldn’t look so weird, I’d totally layer up with hot water bottles in my clothing. But I can’t imagine my t-shirts fitting so fabulously with a couple of them stuffed underneath. But man the image in my head is highlarious!
Back to the point.
That part of the trip was arranged by our friend, Ryan, and he did good. Great, in fact. It really was a cool experience to see those waterfalls and all that ice! Unfortunately, my camera did not come on this adventure. It stayed safely nestled in my bag.  The reason for this has to due with being told about how slippery some of the trails were. Instantly I became worried about slipping and seeing my most precious lens crack against the hard surface. So, she stayed put in our warm cabin, in her protective bag. I have a few first chance photos, but once we did the second trip, I left her behind for the best.
On New Years Eve, we packed ourselves up in my friend’s Fit and I drove us to Boardman, OH where we would visit our cool friends Sam and Steve.  I don’t really know what happened, but apparently we brought warm weather with us to Ohio. We got out of the car and had to remove some layers. The snow was melting and it kinda felt like I was in Florida more than Ohio. Thanks Global Warming! It made the transition a little less painful. I was worried that I’d be freezing my tuckus off the entire trip. I was really overjoyed that I’d be warm for that day at least.
We hadn’t showered in two days, so when I finally had the opportunity to do so at Sam and Steves’s, I felt like I needed the hottest shower possible… I am so sure you made that face of disgust when you read that, but don’t deny that there wasn’t a time in your life that you were out camping and had the same experience. I made sure to spray myself down with Pink’s Warm and Cozy during those 2 days.
We spent New Years Eve at Steve’s father’s home celebrating with his sister and bro-in-law, and some Ohioian friends. It was a good time. We mixed it up by playing Dance Central on the Kinect. And when the ball dropped, of course my sweetheart was there to kiss and it felt amazing. It marked 4 years of dealing with each other and I settled back in a wine/champagne stooper and reveled in this fact.
The next day was our final full day and we hiked through a local park, which was also beautiful and misty. I don’t know why I didn’t bring my camera, but I guess I just felt like I didn’t want to slip on ice here too. So once more my lens stayed home.
We drove back Sunday from Ohio and got home in good time, about 6 and a half hours. I was happy to be home. Happy to see my cats. Happy that I spent New Years with good friends and made great memories.


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