The Twice Over

I like to do this thing where I take photos and then like a year or so later I go back over them. I delete the over/underexposed ones, but for the most part I keep every Raw format photograph…just in case. And this seriously paid off the other night while looking over a Trash The Dress Shoot I did almost a year ago, which is horrible for other various reasons and I commit to calling myself a bad person…But on a lighter note, I came across a whole slew of new ones that I actually thought were pretty sweet. It really boggles my brain that the first initial look over I feel disappointed in myself, but coming back and really looking at them with a totally different outlook, I like them. I feel damned proud of myself.
Have you ever done that? Gone back to a piece of work and realized it was actually pretty decent? Perhaps you were just too hard on yourself, but now, it’s all good homie.
I’d like to share the ones I liked when I looked over the shoot again.

It’s ok that they are all black and white. I like them just fine.


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