Migdalia was so very nice enough to come on by the other day and do a sweet photoshoot in my bar room. My boyfriend who designed, finished, and installed the bar probably never thought I’d do a photo shoot with it and have the lovely Migdalia climbing all over it. But man, was it fun.
I have to say that Migdalia came very prepared. It was like a stylist rolling in a rack of clothes and boxes of shoes, but in this case, bags of clothes, boxes of shoes, a leather jacket, and a bag of jewelry. It made my heart skip a beat. I was excited because with a giant selection of clothing comes a giant base to pull ideas from. So with her I hit the photo jackpot!
But with her clothes came Migdalia, of course, and from the photos below you can see for yourself that the girl is hot. H-O-T. Oh, and she’s a natural. I felt as if Migdalia could see the images in my head before they had even formed. She twisted, she turned, she raised her arms over her head, to her hips, pulled her hair, you name it, she’s got model talent! It was super awesome to photograph her, especially since we’ve been talking about it for some time and each time previous to this had had something come up. Well, we made it work, and I think the photos came out fun and filled with both our enthusiasm.
So, since I know she will read this, thanks a million, trillion, Migdalia!!!! 😉
More photos to come later since it seems I am having difficulties uploading these photos on WordPress at the moment.


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