Update round 2, but for you, round 1

Last night I attempted to update my blog and failed miserably due to the man’s virus infected computer that I failed to fix. I got pretty frustrated with it since my computer is a MAC and his computer is an HP/stupidly slow computer with a dumb ass spyware virus infecting it’s microchip.
What I was trying to tell you is that I’ve just been busy trying to figure things out. Kinda like placing the shape in the right cutout of life. I’m feeling pretty “down in the dumps” ish, but I’d rather that stay between me, myself, and I. No pity parties here.  I’ve been doing a lot of therapeutic cooking courtesy of Angela at the Oh She Glows blog. I am obsessed with her cooking and her blog. I’ve been relating to her on many a levels, so I feel it’s been a way for me to do what I feel I’m needing to do…
But anyway.
I made sweet potato falafel last night and mini peanut butter scones. I’m just a mad chef in the kitchen these days. Saturday I made vegan spinach and artichoke dip as well as carrot cake balls for the man’s bday party. I feel as if cooking is an outlet for frustration and I just can’t stop.
I have also returned to yoga for so many reasons, one being my friend’s love for it, and two, having read “Eat Pray Love” has really effected me. I have a new appreciation for the practice that I felt I had lost over the years. I used to do it when I was a teen and it helped me greatly, so much so I tattooed the Om sign on my back. But now I’m back and taking charge and I love, love, love it. I have so much gratitude toward my friend for reintroducing me to yoga and taking me to such a wonderful studio.
I have also started running again! Yahoo! On the treadmill though because I am still afraid of pavement like it’ll swallow me whole when I step one toe on it. This weekend I am attempting a pavement run or perhaps a trail run and seeing how it goes. I have 13 weeks till my half marathon that I am hoping to get to this time around. The first attempt wasn’t so great(see “stress fracture”) but this time I have a new approach, it’s called,” Just Finish”. Sounds good right? sure I’ll try to run tempos, but I will not push myself over my limit. When my body says “whoa!” I won’t say “NO!!” I’ll say “ok.” I’m taking it easy, I’m hoping to cross the finish line, I want nothing more than to say I did it. Then I’ll attempt 26.2 miles. Ha!
My eyes are burning between tears and onion cutting, I need to walk away from the computer.


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