Hawaiian Coffee Makes me CRAZY

To start off, training for my up coming half is going good. I ran Saturday morning with a friend and had originally planned to run 2 miles….Well, my legs enjoyed the outdoors so much that 2 miles ended at close to 4 miles. I was thrilled to pieces. I was afraid I was going to be huffing and puffing from the transition from treadmill to road. I felt strong and light on my feet. We only walked twice and only for a little over a minute each time. I have high hopes. Injury me once, shame on you, injury me twice, shame on me. I think that is how the saying goes. No?
On another note, Trader Joe’s Hawaiian Coffee makes me jumpier than a jumping bean with only 6 oz. I also had to look at how to spell Hawaiian and that looks like one of the most complicated words EVER. A double I AN. What?????? Not only am I hit with the biggest caffeine overload on such a small dose, but the spelling makes my head spin. But seriously, if purchasing said coffee, go forth with caution, unless you are like my dude who drank several cups with no problem. Seriously. But take this into the equation he is a full foot taller than I.
I have been very serious about my Yoga practice lately and have been loving every minute of each 90 minute session. Last week I took my very first Hot Yoga class and struggled. But I love that. I pushed through and when I finally was able to collapse onto my sweaty mat, my heart racing as if I had just run a marathon, I felt accomplished in a way I wish I brought to my every day life.
With that, I will say that I am saddened by the natural disaster that has occurred in Japan. My heart breaks for the families who have lost their homes, their memories, their family members, and a sense of safety. I had my first dream(nightmare?) last night about those horrific events. For me it was that the end of the world was approaching, but it started in Japan and was making it’s finishing approach. It was frightening and I awoke panic stricken. My head just a tumbling thought process. I am staring at Lady Gaga’s wristbands where all the profits go toward helping Japan’s earthquake victims. Do I really need a crazy pop icon’s encouragement to help? Not really, but I’d rather donate to a place where I am 100% positive all proceeds will go to helping those families than a certain other organization where I highly doubt that.
I am also heart broken to hear about the two  women at the Bethesda LuLuLemon Store. As someone who worked in retail, I always thought about that, what if someone knew the routine? What if someone was that desperate for money? In some places, just like that store, only 2 people close. It is very unnerving. My prayers are with their families. No one should have to lose their life that way, especially at such a young age.
Bringing it all back now…I am currently considering a photo project that will be supremely fun. Hopefully all works out! I love portfolio building 😀
With that I leave you with this song that has been very inspiring…


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