Hot Yoga

Last week was my first taste of Hot Yoga(Bikram) and it left me exhausted, but I felt fantastic and accomplished after the class. A complete sweaty mess, but I’d rather that than a lazy ball on the couch. Last night I went once more and tried a different Hot Yoga class. We did some breathing techniques to start the class and it was an entirely different flow from the class I had tried the week before.
I’m posting this because I was so excited that I achieved Dancer’s Pose in class last night. In my opinion, it is the most beautiful yoga pose. Every singe way the body is bent fascinates me. I am sure there are more complicated poses in yoga out there, but I love this one. I hope to some day be able to bend so much in my back that I can grab my foot and get into Scorpion another pose that a dancer friend of mine once did in the middle of gym class. So jealous, but so cool.
I also found this beautiful photograph of someone in Dancer’s Pose out on a beach where I’d rather be today.
I borrowed it from’s gallery. Hope they don’t mind. It’s a great image.
Now off to do things like work.
Have a Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!


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