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I’m suppose to be cleaning my room(the man told me to, apparently he’s my keeper….) But I decided to update my blog.
I went back and was rereading some entries of mine and noticing the lack of indentation on the side where my new paragraphs begin. I’m highly annoyed by this because when you read my blog straight through it sounds like one consistent sentence running into the next and I swear my thought patterns are not that random nor do they slam into each other like bumper cars. As I type I am constantly thinking and deciding what to say next, but it seems that wordpress has it out for me. So from now on I will indent my new paragraphs. I will also try to take more photographs. As a photographer I should do this. But with my shamncy lens, everything has to be particular and damn it, if someone’s riding my ass to clean the bedroom, plus work, plus catching up on my favorite blogs….oh the list can go on, I find it hard to take the time to photograph whatever. And I mean, do you really want to see how messy my bedroom is? Uh, noooo. I can easily grab photos off the internet and borrow them for reference, right?
My weekend was down right busy. Between work, parties, and a concert, oh and nursing this awful sinus cold, I felt pretty drained last night and today. Don’t tell anyone, but I actually fell asleep at the concert. But can you really hate on me? We saw Red House Painters. Or this guy He has that kinda voice that just makes you feel all warm and fuzzy. It wasn’t as if the concert were boring, I was just sitting on the floor nestled in my dude’s lap and I felt this child-like comfort/happiness and I dozed off. We were in a church and it was so dark….. I blame it on being sick. But besides all that, he has amazing guitar skills that would melt any woman’s heart. I don’t even know his name or know any names of the songs(this is a boyfriend’s pick) but I enjoyed what I heard. Kudos.
Saturday I ran my five miles with my friend. All was good for the first 25 minutes but then I started to feel like I was pushing. We walked twice for a minute, and then we pushed through the last mile and a half. I know 5 miles isn’t alot, but as someone who is still terrified to push too hard due to a previous injury, 5 miles seems like a big achievement. A few aches in my toe and hip, but today I feel peachy. My head cold kinda made it hard to breathe as well, making running not the easiest of tasks, but by the end I felt fine. But yesterday I felt like someone smacked me in the face and had rubbed sand paper along my esophagus. I woke up today feeling about 70% better.
My cat is pushing me around right now for attention. My cat this morning was trying to steal my jewelry. I’ve never known of a cat out to nab my stuff. I raised him from a wee one and this is how he repays me.
Don’t forget, I have like 4o65469548645 cats. Current kitty is my Atari girl. Bad thieving kitty is known as Ringo, Dummy, and Dude. I swear we love him. It’s not out of cruelty that we call him so many names, it’s cuz one name just doesn’t fit him.
Now, I have to say, as I was updating this last night my cat knocked the cord out of my computer and it shut off, so I am pretty much finishing this entry about 11 hours after I wrote the first part. Since that time I have slept, and run 3.5 miles this morning. And what is a shame is how difficult those 3.5 miles were. I definitely need new running shoes. Desperately. Time to peruse Zappos. My big toes were screaming “get me outta this shoe!!” it felt like I kept hitting them extra hard on the treadmill surface. Irritation won over pushing through that last .5 miles to make it to 4. Ugh. Plus, I’m still battling this head cold thing. I felt winded and unhappy with how things went today. And all I also kept thinking was “don’t get injured, don’t get injured!”
Everyone says there are and will always be those runs that just suck majorly. Today was one of those days. I have another set of running to go then I’m hitting the 10k on Saturday. I really hope I can get new foot wear before then or hope today was just one of those annoying days of running. Either way, I need new shoes before my race.

I also wanted to discuss this article about Zooey Deschanel and her battle with Photoshop. Seriously people. You are comparing a photo taken by a paparazzi and a photo probably taken in a studio with perfect lighting. Plus yes, there is a bit of photoshop involved. That extra smooth skin is the result, but I can guarantee that some of that is just the lighting. A soft box here and there, a hair light, reflector, it’s all there making her look fabulouso. It’s so lame that Photoshop and celebs is such a crime. It’s obvious to me that she doesn’t look like that 90% of the time, lighting and make-up really do wonders. But if it’s so obvious, why is there this article on Huffington Post? Give me a break. There are more important things in the world.
I am off to make Vegan Shepherd’s Pie courtesy of Oh She Glows. Wish me luck.


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