GaGa Does Google/Google Goes GaGa

This post is from last week and I had yet to post it… but here it is.

This is how I started my day. I watched this video and now I feel more in love with Lady Gaga and inspired. I think anyone who loves her or hates her should take the time to sit and enjoy this amazing interview. I’m absolutely in love with how it starts. Google did a fantastic job with the graphics and displaying Gaga’s sky rocket to fame and a few of those influenced by her music in those fan youtube videos.
It kind of makes me laugh to wake up this morning to this video on her facebook fan page, because yesterday on my drive to work I was stopped at a stoplight behind a car with a window bumper sticker that said, “Got Lady Gaga?” and I thought sarcastically to myself, “Lady Gaga is the equivalent to milk and no one told me?! Shit!” But I must say, sitting and watching her speak made me really appreciate what she represents and what she hopes to achieve with her fame. She is truly a legend in my eyes. She has triumphed in many ways in the music industry and despite the negative things people claim or throw out into the media world, that chick is still rocking on top. You cannot deny her catchy music and smart business sense. She’s a real entrepreneur of all sorts. A Renaissance Woman if you will.
I was impressed by how easy it is for her to articulate herself. She is 24 almost 25 and she sounds beyond her years. At least to me. I mean, think of the average 24 year old. What are they doing? Besides me who is trying to figure ish out. The average 24 year old  is sitting at their blog and typing about Lady Gaga…No, probably trying to make their way up in a business or trying to pick a career that makes them happy if what they went to college for didn’t or doesn’t seem to be working out. But Lady Gaga isn’t average, she really is a woman of incredible artistic and business knowledge. She is someone who dreams of taking her fans away from their computers in order to experience her music. That’s a big BIG dream. I mean, 10 year olds like, Maria, whom Gaga touches on in the interview, made a music video of “Born This Way”. A ten year old is sitting at her computer re-recording pop icon’s songs and uploading them to youtube. I dunno about you, but at the age of 10, I was outside playing with friends. Youtube was just a funny word that made absolutely no sense, but I guarantee if a friend of mine said “it’s youtube!” when we were 10 years old, we would have broken into a fit of giggles. Now it’s a multi-billion dollar company. A company that Lady Gaga has cultivated for her very own push for success and has her listed as the most viewed video for “Bad Romance”. All of her achievements up to this point are very, very inspiring.  It gives hope to this “average 24 year old”.


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