Left, Right, Left, Right

I keep trying to update but I always seem to get distracted. I guess I am kind of like the crow with shiny objects.
Today I took on a 4 mile run. I’m still working on the outdoor running thing. My toes at some point begin to feel tingly from hitting the asphalt. I normally take a walk at that point and stretch a little to get my toes lose. It’s been trial and error for me. Slow and steady, but I seriously, deeply, want to run the ODDessy in Philly next month. The last two weeks were painful and I’m pretty sure it was because of my shoes. So finally last week I went and treated myself to a new pair of shoes. I had asked a co-worker about her opinion on running shoes having run a bunch of halfs herself. She has relatively high arches and said that the sale associate at a Running Company suggested Mizunos, but she ran in Kayanos. Well, I went into Dicks thinking about the Mizunos. I grabbed a pair off the shelf and tried them on. I must have looked sorta crazy prancing around the shoe section, trying to decided if I liked them or not. I was nervous about their lack of front cushioning, but they felt good. So I took to looking up all the shoes on Runner’s World. I then looked like a crazy person, looking at the shoes, and then scrolling through my BlackBerry.  It helped me to make my decision to purchase the Asics GT 2160. Runner’s World believed they were great shoes, so I tried them on, and they felt great. My previous training had been in Asics GT 2150 and had done pretty well. My stress fracture happened while running in Saucony ProGrid 3s, so, unfortunately, I have decided to stay away from Sauconys. But I’m content with my decisions. I’ve run several times in my new Asics and feel they are doing good so far. The minor tingling is tolerable, especially when I had originally been feeling as if my toes were just going to snap off while running in my Sauconys.
Now you might wonder why I tried running in them again if the first time I wore them they broke my ankle. I did something stupid, which I’ve mentioned many times previous, I ran in them the day after I bought them. Stupid, but I was only running 6 miles, so I had hoped it wouldn’t have mattered. My shoes proved me wrong and so did my shin bone…. They did ok for the first few weeks of my new round of training, but the last two weeks they’ve been nothing but annoying. They’re now retired to workout shoes and shall  remain that way until they fall apart.
I really like how the GT 2160s feel. I have a tendency to roll my ankle out, but these have been forcing my ankle in. They also don’t feel like boats on my feet, which the Sauconys kind of did. It is a gradual progression, but I am very hopeful that these Asics will prove worthy.

On a completely different note…. all I keep dreaming about is college, my senior year, and how much fun I had with my final project of “Trash the Dress”. I keep thinking how things would have been different, how I should maybe not have been rebellious to my peers and actually taken some of their suggestions into consideration. But alas, hindsight is 20/20.
I wanted to share some of the photos I took, a few of them I never really showed or posted on my website. Like I said in a previous entry, going back over old photographs could prove beneficial to your photo-health. Some of those ones that “were just not good enough” at second glance really aren’t all that bad, they might actually be better!

I have this longing for photoshoot after photoshoot outside, running around, being in the sun. I want it.


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