Easter and other updatados!

It has been a bit since I posted. I have been off in never never real world. May is a jam packed month of excitement and joy. I already consider it my favorite month of the year and all that is happening in this fifth month of the year, makes it even better!
My Easter was awesome. I woke up after a night of hanging out with good friends at our always welcoming home and headed to church early in hopes of not having to stand the whole time. Once I got to church I saw that everyone else had the same exact idea and when that happens, well, everyone gets to church early. But I beat some late comers and found my seat by the window.
After church the man and I went for breakfast. I wish I had been prepared to make us a sweet meal myself, but I also enjoy the lack of responsibility and how quickly food appears in front of me without dirtying my own dishes. Win.
Then we headed over to collect various necessities for our garden 2011. We picked up dirt and seeds at one spot and then headed over to the Toys R Us of plants. I almost walked out of there with a peach tree, apple tree, boysenberry bush, and a fig tree. I ran up and down the rows of plants pointing and excited for our garden. I dream of fresh veggies and lettuces this year that beat any thing I’ll buy at the store. I somehow convinced the man to buy me a blueberry bush. Don’t ask me how I did it. I didn’t whine like a little kid, but I definitely jumped for joy when he said yes.
Last year during blueberry season I constantly had a pint of blueberries in my fridge. I literally would finish them by the end of the day. I had almost had a case of them from a farm I consider to have the best of Jersey. I mean, what’s the difference between a case of blueberries and a case of fine wine? Nothing, they both get the job done in my opinion.
We ran around for a little over an hour collecting starter plants and then headed home to do some serious back breaking work. Did I mention we had purchased about 10, 40 lb bags of dirt? We hauled that into the yard and then ripped them open spilling their insides all over a section of our yard. Then I proceeded to rake the dirt evenly across the patch and felt like I was working hard.
We planted broccoli, brussels, cabbage, cilantro, and lettuces that day. I felt very pleased. Then we washed up and headed to dinner at my brother’s home with my mom and dad.
It was a great day, but I was exhausted by 8 o’clock.
I’m still running despite the last entry I posted. I was cleared by my sports doctor and have been putting in my time. My half, which I may or may not run due to a variety of reasons is in about 3 weeks. May has really come fast and furious, but I am so excited to have spring and long sunny days. I can just feel my Vitamin D soaring through the roof the more I spend my time outside.
But the big reason for this post is to share how amazingly beautiful my niece is…..


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