The Assistant’s Perspective

I have to weddings to update with in this post. Both were done assisting for Kamila Harris, my great friend and mentor. I’m having a few issues with wordpress and it not thinking as fast as I type. A little slow on the uptake it seems! Oh vell.

The first wedding was from the first day of May and was held at Valley Green Inn. This is a place I really enjoy. It is right in the middle of Wissahickon Park right around Chestnut Hill area. My good friends were married there and Megan and Jenny were also wed there. It’s a very special place to me and around this time of year, very beautiful and filled with activity. It was a bit of a chilly type day but bright and sunny. Always a plus on someone’s wedding day. But don’t forget, rain is good luck!
We started off at the bride, Colleen’s, home. It was a pretty sweet townhouse not too far from the Schuylkill River. (side note: if you’ve never had to spell Schuylkill before, you’d never guess it was that insane of a word….Did someone just throw letters into a hat and pulled that out?) From there we went directly to Valley Green where the ceremony and reception would be held. We talked about the Royal Wedding and how beautiful Kate Middleton was and her dress, oh the dress. And speaking of dress, Colleen’s was from J.Crew, a simplistic number that was the perfect ivory tone. I like simplicity and I could totally see myself someday getting married in a sleek number.
The wedding was pretty much just like her dress; a nice, quiet wedding of family and friends. It definitely was a beautiful day for a wedding. Joe, the groom, was decked out in a J.Crew suite, so this wedding was proudly presented to one and all by the fashionable company. After this wedding I went right o J.Crew’s wedding website and drooled over dresses both bride and bride’s maid. Thanks for the inspiration Colleen and Joe!  And congratulations to them! I always feel great after a wedding and am always happy to be there on such an occasion to snap some shots!
Now photos, because that’s the whole point of this post, right?….I guess…

Oh and just for good measure, Kamila’s good friends Angelique and Pete were at the wedding with their adorable baby, and I took many photos of him. Here are some!

P.S. All this shizz is copyrighted, I took them, not you, just because I feel watermarking takes away from the beauty of the imagery(just my opinion), doesn’t mean click and steal, yo.

Now on to wedding number dos!
This past Sunday I had a wedding with Kamila in Stirling, NJ. Bride and groom, Melissa and Karl, had an outdoor ceremony and then reception at Primavera Regency. The rain held off till the ceremony was over and a photoshoot of family afterwards. Phew!
I got to Primavera to take some photos of the groom and his men before hand. We traveled a few minutes away to the Stirling Hotel, which looks like someone abducted it from Alaska and put it in New Jersey. It had a cool railroad/goldmine sorta feel inside. I liked it, made me feel like I was back in Alaska, I was half expecting to go outside and see another black bear. No, just kidding, but it reminded me of the good times I had with the boyfriend and his fam while we were there. But I’m getting off topic. This is about a wedding, not Alaska. Either or, it was a sweet place to go take photos. A tad dark inside, but that is all about creating the vibe.
One of Karl’s groom’s men had the luck in finding out how awful I am at parallel parking, so bad I can’t even spell the word parallel, thanks to wordpress I can fix that. I tried to do it, but it was pretty obvious…I suck. He also quickly learned how dirty the inside of my car is from living in it(not literally, but close). So thanks groom’s men for taking the time to parallel park my car because I sadly cannot.
Such is the life of an assistant. haha.
Melissa looked fabulous in her lacy wedding gown and her bride-cage veil. She had so much bling in her hair, I loved it. I took a photo of just the crystal pieces because they looked so pretty.
Karl and Melissa danced to “Hard to Concentrate” by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, not your typical wedding song, but surprisingly romantic and upbeat. I enjoyed it. I kinda wanted to go home and dance with my sweetie to this song. They seemed like two very happy people ready to dance the night away. The wedding had a great feel of good memories to come.
The day went by pretty quickly and before I knew it, I was on my way home, but the party raged on.  Kamila is a good friend of the bride and groom, so her and her husband were also considered guests at the wedding and stayed after I departed, but just as amazing as she always is, Kamila kept on working!
Oooh and now the part we’ve all been waiting for!

I also really liked Melissa’s sister’s hair. It was a short bob, but it was cute the way it was pushed back from her face.

This is daughter and step daughter to the bride and groom. I love this Cinderella type shot!

Look! Shiny things!

I have more photos of Karl and Melissa, not because I like them better, but because wordpress is giving me issues with Joe and Colleen’s photos, and those were the only ones it would allow me to post. Doesn’t make sense, but it also can’t keep up with my typing.

Hope you enjoyed this post!


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