Mish Mesh

I’m back again with another long update! These months are flying by since I have been so busy and it is looking as if July is also no exception. Before I know it, it will be August and another summer has come and gone.
I am updating, trying to enjoy a relaxing morning of me time. The past several days have involved lots of work, running around, a wedding, running 10 miles(yep, I’m up to 10!!) and more work and errands. I finally had a chance to sleep in this morning… I got 10 hours to equal to the 10 miles I ran on Sunday. I hadn’t had an opportunity to get enough rest. It’s go go go around here!
But I feel refreshed for work later and a 6 mile run at some point today. Heh. It’s 2 weeks till my half and I have all my fingers and toes crossed.
I ordered a really cool shirt from Skinny Runner which I am super duper excited to receive! I am hoping that by wearing it on race day I will somehow run as fast as she does. Highly unlikely since she’s doing somewhere in the 7:30/mile range, but you just never know!
The man and I have our garden going and I am super stoked about how great everything is looking. He has done such a fantastic job with the yard this year. It really is an oasis.
We recently added an herb garden to the back. I got some chamomile, lavender, thyme, basil, catnip(for the kitties!), and some other necessities. I am interested in making my own tea with the chamomile and lavender. Can’t wait to rub rosemary on salmon! I love that everything is just right there for me. Our swiss chard is out of control and delicious. My friend has been giving us other greens like kale and bitter lettuce. I eat 2 blueberries from my blueberry plant yesterday and they were the best darn 2 blueberries I have ever eaten. Even the man agreed! Because there were actually 4, but since I am such a giving person I split with him. I love him, he deserves delicious blueberries.
I have some photos that I’ll be adding later in the post.
I have new photos of the most beautiful baby in the whole wide world: my niece.  She is growing up so fast! She cracks me up.
Same spot as the last series, different outfit, looking older…I mean younger, but older? I don’t know. She’s definitely changing! Whenever I look at photos of her I miss her little smile and how she talks to herself. Sigh. She lives so close, but it’s a busy world!

Now to talk about Saturday’s wedding!
I assisted Kamila because it is always da bomb diggity. She’s the bestest! The wedding was located around Perkasie, PA. and reception was at Pearl S. Buck Estate a very pretty lush of land and garden! I love those sort of old world, Williamsburg kinda spots with old houses and lots of open land with a sprinkling of garden and stone.
It only rained like someone turned the shower on for 4 seconds and then off. It really wasn’t too bad, a slight chill, but at least it wasn’t 106 degrees and humid!
The couple, Greg and Lauren, had a live band, which is awesome. It is kinda like going to a live concert, but not. They did a fantastic cover of the Black Eyed Peas song, Dirrty Bit. Total freestyle, no electronic assistance necessary.
I just finished uploading and have over 1200 images from the day. It makes me giggle a little bit because I remember when I first started wedding photography and I had one messily little 4 GB card. Now I have 4 cards and I use them up like it is my job… oh wait… it is….hmm.
But it does make me laugh to think of where I started and where I am now.
Reminiscing aside, all in all it was a great day. Congrats to Greg and Lauren 🙂
Now fotografias!

Serious brotherly love.

A shot of the grounds at Pearl S. Buck Estate

This will be my backyard some day.

Good times had by all.

The bride and brides maids removed their shoes!

Awesome martini bar set atop lots of lemons!

Cocktail hour food! Figs! Yum!

It was a very yellow wedding! Even the cake!

Kamila and her game face....


All images copyrighted and photographs all taken for Kamila Harris Photography. Therefore they are copyrighted by her too!


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