It takes time

Whoa. It has been crazy here. I have done so much since the last time I posted about my engagement. I’ve done 2 weddings with Kamila Harris. I’ve located a spot for our wedding. I’ve closed down one of my places of work. I went on vacation to Colorado. And now, I just returned from a small one day trip to the beach where friends had a house for the week. I’ve been busy, and I felt like not listing everything using a comma would emphasize the importance of each event. I hope.
No wonder I feel exhausted.
One wedding was done down in Cape May, NJ at Congress Hall. It was a great day, but it was Fourth of July weekend(that’s how long ago we are talking) so it was slightly crazy. The beach appeared to have been raised by a few feet and had been dyed a variety of colors in a slew of patterns caused by the tremendous amount of people on the beach with their beach umbrellas. It was a beautiful wedding. I really liked Congress Hall. But then again, I just like Cape May. It has a interesting electric feel to it. Now I’m not native, so this perspective is entirely in my head, but I don’t mind the hour and a half drive to Cape May nor the cute little store fronts and lavish Victorian type mansions.
But you don’t want to read about why Cape May is awesome, you could go to TripAdvisor for that.
The cool thing about this wedding is that the bride used the florist, Manic Botanic, who I am considering for my wedding, so it was sweet to see what they can do.
But here are some photos for your viewing pleasure.

Now the next wedding Kamila and I did was in Norristown, PA. So we are going from the shore, all the way inland. This was at Center Square Country Club. Kamila went to the bride’s house while I had the pleasure of going to the groom’s location. Everyone was so sweet and thoughtful. The groom and his groom’s men had a great set of sense of humor, so there was never a serious silence or moment for long.

It may be over due, but congratulations to both couples on their nuptials!
And as reminder all images are copyrighted by myself, Kathleen O’Neill, and any wedding done for Kamila Harris is copyrighted by her as well.


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