Newborn shoot!

I’ve been photographing my niece as she journeys to turning one, which will be in the next several days! I cannot believe how time flies! But other than that I have been slacking in the Children Photography department. Until yesterday.
Yesterday I went and photographed a newborn with a family who’s first child I photographed about 2 years ago. It is wonderful to watch their family grow and see how much their first had grown since the first time we met!
Their first had been a girl and this time around they have been blessed with a boy.
I truly enjoy photographing children. It can be a difficult feat at times, but when you capture just one moment of a smile or their personality, it always seems like gold. Even with a newborn, sometimes they make particular faces that just make you wonder could they actually be thinking about what you’re doing and be saying to themselves, “this person is nuts, holding this big black round whatever in my face that makes weird clicking noises….” I’d like to believe they already have some sort of personality developing at this early stage of their life.
Here are some shots from the shoot…..


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