Apple Cider Donuts Make Great Mock Rings

I can’t believe that kids have gone back to school and Autumn is fast approaching. I go to the Supermarket and see decorations for Halloween and bags and bags of candy to hand out to the little trick or treaters. My mom even bought caramel apples! I can’t believe how fast a season dies these days. Weren’t we just celebrating the 4th of July with the red, white, and blue? Time really does fly…
But in any case.
A bit over a week ago I went to Johnson’s Farm to photograph my friends who will be marrying in early October. The fiancee was away on a 30 mile hike in the mountains and I was clicking away my camera only carrying my bag and going home to sleep in a comfy bed.He had to carry a 40 pound backpack. Who got the short end of the stick?
Originally we planned to use Johnson’s infamous sunflowers as our main background, but unfortunately some hurricane called Irene had to come and mess it all up. The sunflowers took a bit of a beating. Some looked as if they had once been bigger than my head, sadly Irene made sure they were dead. But after a bit of searching we found one tiny sunflower still holding on for dear life. See, bigger isn’t always better! This coming from the short girl.
We proceeded to take some photos with the sunflower survivor and then moved onto the orchards. This was fun because there were so many variety of apples, how could you choose just one to photograph in front of? My friend picked red, and I believe they were Empires. Not that this is significant, but at the moment it was a very official decision.
We wandered around for a few more photo-ops and then went inside the store. We picked up their delicious, highly recommended, apple cider donuts. Yum, yum, yum. My friend opened the bag of sugar assaulted circular goodness and then I had the brilliant idea of using them as rings! Yay My friend and her fiancee took a small bite out of each donut and hooked them together like connected rings. It was both sweet and satisfying(not just the photos, but the actual donuts… mmmm.)
It was great to have spent time with them. I am so excited for their wedding. I won’t be the one photographing the day, as I am a guest, but I was glad to have been their photographer for this.

All photos are copyrighted by me, Kathleen O’Neill. Steal, and feel my wrath!


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