Engagement Photos and Trash the Dress

Hello, hello!
This past weekend required my creative juices to be flowing freely. Luckily I had such great people to work with, so it wasn’t an issue. I set up a Trash the Dress in Philly with a friend of mine, you may recognize her from previous photos. She is so much fun to work with and when I asked her why she seems to know what to do in front of the lens she told me “I watched alot of America’s Next Top Model”. Smile with your eyes, girl. And then an Engagement session in New Jersey, with a couple who were so natural in front of the camera, it was amazing. As I mentioned in my previous post, Mad Dog was to make an appearance at this session. He kindly brought his face into a few photos in the form of Peaches and Cream. If you happen to be confused about the Mad Dog, it is an inside joke between the couple and their friends.
It added a comedic vibe to the photos where Mad Dog was included.
I loved this past weekend. I wished once both photoshoots were done that every weekend could be filled up like this. I’ll just keep sending positivity out into the world and hopefully it will come back in the form of more photo opportunities!
This post will be loaded with images, so get ready!
First up, Trash the Dress around Philadelphia! Good times! Lots of people staring! So many places to photograph!

Now for the Engagement Session with Marla and Rob! Get your paper bags ready for some Mad Dog!

This photo above was fun because I had to superimpose the M.W. and R.W. onto the tree so it looked like Rob and Marla did it.

Thank you to Migdalia, Rob, and Marla for being such good sports this weekend.


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