The Holidays are complete, now time to look back at Nov. 25, 2011

Phew. The Holidays have been exhausting this year! So much running around was being done, so much exchanging of gifts, and creating memories(the most important part of the holidays!). Now the dust is beginning to settle and schedules start to flow back into their normal routines. Well, as normal as they can for this photographer planning her wedding. But this post isn’t about my wedding plans(which I prefer to keep quiet till it’s all said and done, sorry….) This post is about two very fun, very in love individuals who wed on November 25. There was no Black Friday shopping, just Black Friday Partying.
The day began around 11 am, and since I was also a guest at the wedding being that I am one of Marla and Rob’s favorite friends(;)) It was a bit of a long day for this photographing fiend. Of course it was all worth it and I would not have had this day any other way. I loved being able to photograph and capture the moments of Rob and Marla’s wedding day so that they may forever look back and think of me… I mean, oops, think of how beautiful their wedding day was. I hope that I captured moments either missed by their eyes or forgotten over the course of a crazy night, but remembered by a photograph. Isn’t that what wedding photography is all about?
Marla looked stunning in her dress, a goddess like Amazon, since she is so tall and I am so very small. She was radiant in her dress. I remember having tears come to my eyes when she was finally made up and dawned her wedding gown. Wedding photographers sometimes do get emotional at weddings, to tell you the truth, but even more so when it is friend, especially such a good one. Marla’s bride’s maids, junior bride’s maids, and her flower girls were all beautiful. But I cannot forgot Rob and his groom’s men, they were most certainly a handsome bunch. And I am no where near being bias since one groom’s men is particularly special to me(hint: he’s my fiance).
From the moment Rob and Marla announced their engagement, I knew that this would be a fun filled day. When they came to me asking if I would be willing to photograph their wedding day, how could I resist two good looking folks such as themselves? It felt like an honor to photograph their day and that they trusted me enough to do a great job. We may be friends, but I knew and Rob and Marla felt, I would make sure their wedding photographs were perfect. I would want nothing more than to make them so very happy.
It was a wonderful wedding. It was extremely fun and unforgettable. I am grateful that they asked me to photograph their wedding. Congratulations Marla and Rob! Now here are the finished products minus a few sets of 100.


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