I’m still here!

I have not been ignoring my blog for any reasons other than being a busy bee. I had been planning my wedding, working two jobs, and experiencing every day life. Now that my wedding has happened and the craziness is somewhat beginning to settle, I have the time to do a serious update to my blog. I have several photo shoots to write about and display the work from them. My wedding and my other jobs consumed my life at every second of the day. I can now say that I feel for every bride I photograph from here on out. Not that I did not believe weddings to be stressful, I just could not believe the amount of stress that came down on me during the last month leading up to my big day. I was also a big DIY bride, which adds alot of pressure for completing the projects on time. Just an example, my husband(hehe I still giggle at the fact that he is now my husband, and I love it!!) and I built our centerpieces. About a solid week of work went into them and on some days friends came to our rescue and worked many long hours with us. I am forever grateful to them for this.
But I am getting off track really. If you’d like to see photographs from my wedding you may find them on Kamila Harris’s Blog. That’s right, my long time photo guru photographed my wedding and it was a dream come true. We had an amazing time and it was so much fun running around taking photographs. Kamila, of course, did a fantastic job. I have a great friend in her and she will always be the best teacher.

As I said, I have several shoots to write about and display the work. A non-profit organization shoot, family shoot, engagement party shoot, and an engagement shoot, so much!! Plus, once more I worked with the very talented Jennifer Childress, and once more, it was a wonderfully thrilling experience!!
Check back here soon to read and see my most recent work!


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