Aug 3, Katy and Gabe: Married

When Katy e-mailed me back in February about photographing her wedding, I felt very honored. It is a great feeling that will never go away when someone asks you to photograph their wedding. That’s alot of trust to put into someone!
Katy and Gabe planned to get married at the Cooper River Boathouse. It is a place I had not heard about before despite growing up in the general neck of the woods. We met once to just meet and then met again for a walk around in search of places to photograph/ mini shoot with Katy, her fiance, and his two adorable girls. Scoping out photographs before the day of the wedding is actually pretty cool. Both Katy and I had a clear understanding of how the day would flow with the photographing. It definitely helped the day of, everything went pretty quickly. We knew exactly where to go and each spot was within a short walking distance.
The day turned out to be a beautiful one. A quick thunderstorm later in the evening threw a tiny wrench into the works, but Katy was happy, and as long as she was happy, I was.
Katy and Gabe are a wonderful couple. The day was filled with laughter and for them, and their family and friends, it was filled with plenty love too.
Gabe is the father of two gorgeous and incredibly sweet young ladies. During the Ceremony, Katy included a touching moment where she placed necklaces around each girls’ neck as a sign of her devotion and love to them. If you are a wedding photographer and can say you’ve never teared up during these deeply loving moments, you’re lying! I certainly held back some tears of joy as I photographed this emotional scene.
But once the “I Dos” were said and the rings placed on the correct fingers, the party began and so did Katy and Gabe’s new chapter of their lives.
Thank you again, Katy and Gabe, for picking me to photograph your day. It was one I won’t forget and I hope my photographs will help you to always remember!

Seeing each other for the first time that day!


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One Response to Aug 3, Katy and Gabe: Married

  1. Penny Maroldo says:

    Gorgeous, Kathleen! I Can’t Wait to see all the photos that you took on this wonderful day.

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