Personal Bio

My name is Kathleen O’Neill, but I also like to go by Kat(sounds edger to me!). I am a graduate of University of the Arts ’09 with a BFA majoring in Photography. Those 4 years of my life gave me the time to put forth a tremendous effort to learn as much as I could possibly learn about the various aspects of Photography. From film of all sizes to digital with a bit of studio work tossed in,  UArts directed me toward the right direction in becoming well-equiped photographer.
Photography has always been an interest of mine. From a young age I was determined to buy my first, very own camera. This little camera was only a point and shoot, but it gave me the start in this creative field. I remember loving going to the store and buying more and more film to pop into my camera. I also remember how naive I was as I snapped photographs of silly little girl things like my shoes, my cats, leaves, and horses. To quote Scarlet Johansson from the movie “Lost In Translation”, “Every girl goes through a “photography phase””. But for me, it stuck.
Of course I draw and I sculpt clay as other parts of my artistic nature, yet photography had this alluring effect on me that just kept me coming back for more. I took classes in darkroom photography during my time in high school and was somehow able to convince my parents to invest in a Nikon 35mm camera. It wasn’t anything fancy, but I went from point and shoot to a slightly more intense version. I remember the first time I developed my own film and then printed my first photograph. Wow, what a thrilling process! It totally beats waiting for your film to get printed at the 1 hour lab, for sure.
This is what draws me to photography–the results. You have an idea and you put it forward, you photograph it. You have that spontaneous original idea for forever. It’s captured right there on your camera.
I love the rush of photographing. I always have to be on my toes and my mind has to constantly work to think of a new angle, a new pose, and a new style. Photography is a medium that takes time and passion. If you don’t have the passion, it shows in your photographs. I’d like to believe that I have bountiful amounts of devotion to photography that translate over through my photographs. I want to be the best that I can be. If you feel that’s cliche, it truly isn’t in this business. My love for being creative was pretty much been apart of my character since my grandfather first taught me how to draw when I was only four years old. I want to make him proud and I want to prove to myself, and to you, that I am in it to win it!
I know that success is not a straight line but a mess of forwards and backwards squiggles. I know that with time and drive I will achieve what I have always hoped for… just being the creative person I feel I was born to be. 🙂


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